Clear Skin Acne Facial

Clear Skin Acne Facial

Clear Skin Acne
Duration: 1 Hour

Each of our facial treatments begins with a luxurious signature lavender paraffin hand treatment and is customized to address your skin appropriately.


Focused on treating acne with salicylic scrub, a customized acne mask, oxygenated steam, and extractions. High frequency is used to target bacteria in the skin, reducing blackheads and pustules.


We target all the different grades of acne with the use of appropriate medical grade skincare. Our Medical Esthetician will work with you and your skin to achieve the best results, both short term and long term. This treatment will kill and treat the bacteria found in the pores resulting in congestion, letting you shine beautifully inside and out. We will work together and educate on the proper way to take care of your skin year round.

What to Expect

No Downtime. You may experience some slightly pink tone to the skin after your appointment, depending on the level and severity of the treatment and condition.

For best results, facial treatments every two to three weeks are recommended.