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Welcome to Pῡr Skin Clinic, your trusted solution for ageless beauty.

At Pῡr Skin Clinic we hold the secret to looking younger. Our Cosmetic Dermatology services embrace your natural beauty, inside and out. We are committed to providing you with state of the art treatments and the highest safety protocols in place for your piece of mind. Pur Skin Clinic offers both Medical and Esthetic treatments, to include: Laser Treatments, Botox Cosmetic, Dermal Fillers, Advanced Cosmetic Dermatology and Spa Treatments. We are proud to be ranked in the top 2% of Cosmetic Dermatology practices in the nation.

Continuing our personal pledge to exceed your expectations of superior service and quality treatments, Pūr Skin Clinic is now offering Botox Cosmetic and dermal filler treatments at Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, creating the ultimate beauty destination. Brought together by similar philosophies, as expertly trained specialists in their respective fields; Pūr Skin Clinic’s affiliation with Gene Juarez Salons & Spas will provide you with the best and most cutting-edge beauty and skincare treatments.

Dr. Jodie Reinertson, Medical Director and Cosmetic Dermatology Specialists, Denice Schwind, PA-C and Jill Kandora, PA-C, provide you the most advanced cosmetic dermatology treatments, bringing you over 40 years of combined experience. Founder & Provider, Denice Schwind, PA-C was named Top Dermatology Physician Assistant in the 2015 Seattle Met Magazine’s Top Doc survey. It is our personal pledge to exceed your expectations of superior service and quality treatments. We customize every treatment for you… it’s all a part of your Pūr. Simple. Beauty. experience!

Serving Edmonds, Bellevue and Downtown Seattle WA.


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