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Skincare Spring Cleaning: Time To “Face” The Facts

As the old adage goes: Out with the old, in with the new. Especially when it comes to casting a fresh eye on your skincare products for the warm-weather months. Not only is spring is an optimal time to segue over to a lighter regimen, but hanging onto an arsenal of creams past their prime […]

Avoiding a “Hairy” Situation

If you are like many people, hair removal is part of your regular grooming regimen. You likely have tried several methods and may even be thinking about permanent solutions. There are many hair removal options. Here are the pros and cons of different methods to make your skin smooth and free of stubble! Waxing Waxing […]

All About The Eyes ….

Many say that the eyes are windows to the soul. Eyes also reveal our age more than any other facial feature. Why shouldn’t a youthful soul, have youthful eyes to gaze out of? Fortunately, there are many remedies for aging, tired eyes, from simple at-home tricks, to dermatology solutions offering long term results. Concern: Puffy, […]

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