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On Pins And Needles

Botox, Dermal Fillers, Hyaluronic Acid, & PRP Imagine taking some of the most powerful, breakthrough anti-aging ingredients — Botox, dermal filler, Hyaluronic acid, even Platelet Rich Plasma — and creating a system that allows them to seep right into the skin’s second layer (a.k.a., “the dermis”), creating an immediate refreshed, supple, youthful glow. Done and […]

Tighten Your Lax Skin with Thermage CPT Treatment

Thermage CPT Treatment

Skin can lose its compact texture due to aging and can sag in various places. Wrinkles can appear on the face, neck, and the hands. There are many surgical options to treat wrinkles and sagging skin. But if you are not open to surgery, you can opt for non-surgical treatments like Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse […]

Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Products

A problem a lot of us face is not knowing when we should throw out our makeup and skincare products. How long is your foundation or serum okay to use? When is it time to toss them out and replenish? Not only is using an expired product less effective, it can also be causing damage. […]

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