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Medical Grade Chemical Peels - Scary or Safe?

Medical Grade Chemical Peels - Scary or Safe? | Pur Skin Clinic

Let’s be real – The term “Chemical Peel” can be a little daunting and may even strike up an old memory of Samantha from Sex and the City; and a few of you have probably vowed to never put yourself through such a treatment.

Well, I am here to debunk some common misconceptions and educate our patients on the many benefits behind the unsung heroes of the aesthetic industry, Medical Grade Chemical Peels.

To break it down: as we age, the rate in which our skin produces new skin cell begins to slow over time. Dryness, fine lines + wrinkling and lack of luminosity are all side effects of this. One thing that can boost our cellular turnover rate is exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation encourages the regeneration of new skin cell growth under the surface, which also encourages the generation of collagen and elastin. The dead and damaged skin cells sitting on our epidermis are stripped away during this process.

Industry Professionals and Medical Providers have been using Chemical Peels in the treatment room as an exfoliation treatment for quite some time now. Our medical grade chemical peels combine effective ingredients together in a concentrated form to target a variety of skincare concerns. From hyperpigmentation, active acne and residual scarring to the stimulation of collagen and elastin for fine lines and wrinkles, there is a chemical peel for everyone! But how, you may ask? Let’s get into it!

There are three different levels or “intensities” of our SkinMedica Peels that help to assist with overall skin health. Appropriate for mild to severe imperfections, based off each patient’s skin type and condition, 3-5 peels may be necessary to achieve optimal results; although, it is not uncommon for patients to see noticeable differences after just one treatment! In addition, depending on the level of peel performed, patients can experience up to a week of “downtime”, which may include roughly 4-7 days of shedding or flaking of the skin. Many of our patients report an improvement of acne/ congestion, pore size, fine lines/ wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation and overall texture. Peels are a quick and easy way to jump start your skin rejuvenation journey and give yourself a healthy glow.

Given the versatility, customization and quickness of the treatment, chemical peels have been found to be one of the most sought out treatments in the industry for effectiveness and continued results.

To “shed the dead” layer of skin cells holding you back from your bright and beautiful complexion, call the clinic to schedule your medical grade chemical peel, or utilize our new online booking system on our website! We can’t wait to see you!

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