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Thermage CPT Body Treatments for Skin Tightening

Thermage CPT Treatment

When we are young, our skin has a remarkable ability to recover and restore its natural texture even after the skin is damaged. Aging skin slowly loses this ability. As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity as well, hanging loosely from the body. This issue can make us feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

Loose skin can be easily addressed by choosing the right skin-tightening treatment. Thermage CPT is a non-surgical non-invasive skin-tightening method that has recently gained a lot of popularity.

Understanding the Thermage CPT Treatment

If you are skeptical about choosing a surgical method of skin tightening, fear not – Thermage CPT is completely non-invasive. You won’t have to deal with any scalpels, needles, incisions, or long recovery times. With no complications involved, the procedure is also known to have a very high success rate.

The Thermage CPT procedure involves the application of radio-frequency (RF) energy to the affected skin. It can be performed on numerous parts of the body where there is sagging skin.

Taking the conventional Thermage procedure to the next level, Thermage CPT uses unique Comfort Pulse Technology, making it more comfortable for the patient.

What Happens During Thermage CPT Treatment?

The RF energy applied during a Thermage CPT treatment is directed to the deeper tissues without affecting the outer skin layer. The heating of the inner skin tissues causes stimulation of the repair process. With the CPT, there are subtle vibrations directed to the tissues.

At the same time, the cooling of the external layers is ensured so as to protect the outer layer from heating damage and any discomfort that would otherwise be experienced during the procedure.

The probe that stimulates the vibration is then placed on the treatment area. The RF energy vibrations penetrate the deeper skin tissues. The penetration is achieved by varying the energy of the vibrations being applied. The vibrations cause the deeper tissues to heat up, which in turn causes the natural increase in collagen levels in the skin tissues.

Once this is done, the outer skin layer is again cooled in order to safeguard the epidermis while the inner layers continue to repair and rejuvenate with the increased collagen levels.

Benefits of Thermage CPT

• Being a non-invasive procedure, Thermage CPT comes with only minimal downtime, so you do not have to worry about long recovery periods. There are no incisions and thus no scars.

• Being a very effective method, a single session of Thermage CPT can offer stunning results. If the level of skin laxity is very low, a single session may be sufficient to correct it. The clinician might recommend follow-up sessions if required.

• The precision of the probe and the accuracy of the energy calibration ensure that only the problematic areas are targeted; nearby areas will not suffer any damage. If you are experiencing loose skin in a small portion of the body, you can get a focused treatment with this method.

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