Meet Carly Arway, Master Esthetician

Carly Arway

A licensed Master Esthetician, Carly’s our self-described face junkie, zeroing in on everything from facials to lasers, and is “absolutely fascinated” by the way skin responds to IPL treatments. Whether it’s a luxurious spa treatment or stimulating collagen production by using a MicroPen device, Carly dedicates herself to each client who walks in the door.

Proudest career moment: I have them every time a client is happy and tells me they’re getting compliments from friends and family about how great their skin looks.

When I’m not at Pūr: I’m busy finding yet another home improvement project to start…dancing around the house with my kids and husband…or going camping with my friends.

On my nightstand: Jewelry! Because I never put it back where it belongs.

Favorite skin challenge: Dull skin. Call me crazy, but I love resurfacing skin and watching it instantly become younger and brighter.

Can’t leave home without: SPF. It’s always the most important part of my skincare routine.

Guilty pleasure: Food. Anything with sugar or bread…or both!

The tool I’m always reaching for: My blemish extractor.

I’ll cry if I’m out of: IS Clinical White Lightning Complex, a skin product for hyperpigmentation. Brighten, brighten, brighten!

Best thing to happen to the skincare business: Cosmetic dermatology. It’s so great to be able to give patients an option, something in between spa treatments and plastic surgery.

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