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Wearing sunscreen during the summer months is extremely important since most people enjoy more time in the sun during this season. After any skin resurfacing treatment, it is even more important to wear a physical sunblock as the skin is temporarily more prone to developing a sunburn. We love sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which sit on top of the skin and block the sun’s rays. Diligently wearing a physical sunblock will maintain the results of your skin resurfacing treatment and allow your skin to heal properly.

Love Soaking Up The Summer Sun?

People who tend to get a lot of sun exposure, or don’t regularly wear sunblock, sunscreen or protective clothing can still benefit from certain skin resurfacing treatments such as Potenza Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling. Potenza treatments increase collagen while tightening the skin, helping to reduce or eliminate acne scars, age spots, stretch marks and wrinkles.    

 With the right precautions, you can experience the benefits of laser procedures this summer and enjoy a healthy glow year round. It all comes down to protecting your skin and following expert advice. Make an appointment to discuss what treatments are best for your skin this summer.

We know that taking care of your skin is a year-round effort.  However, we want to remind you that laser treatments in the summer require a few precautionary steps.

With any laser, sun avoidance for at least 2 weeks pre and post treatment is a must.  Risks involved with sun exposure before/after laser treatments include subpar healing, inflammation in treatment areas, discoloration (hyperpigmentation), and scarring.  

People who avoid sun exposure or are diligent in protecting themselves against UV rays are able to benefit from laser hair removal and certain skin resurfacing lasers- such as the 1540 Fractional Resurfacing or the Clear and Brilliant. However, patients with any sun exposure should avoid lasers that are designed to target melanin (natural pigments in the skin) such as IPL. If you have a tan, the IPL may target that pigment and not give the desired effect.  In general, an active sun burn is a No-No for any type of laser.  And patents with Melasma are better off postponing laser treatments until Fall/Winter months.  

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