Pur Skin Clinic is thrilled to offer amazing, science-based treatments to our clients. PRP, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, is a component found in your blood that plays a key role in the body’s natural healing process while removing old, damaged cells and encouraging new cells to grow. PRP treatments have been used for years in traditional medicine to heal wounds, injuries and many orthopedic complaints. In the cosmetic space, PRP is used effectively in the face for collagen stimulation, the hair for scalp healing and hair regrowth, and as an additional component for more invasive procedures to facilitate quicker healing.


Are PRP Treatments Safe?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is one of the safest treatments you can receive. This is because it is “autologous”, meaning it comes from your own body. There is no risk of added ingredients, or foreign material, rather, it isolates the part of your body that stimulates an effective treatment response.

Who is a candidate for PRP treatments?

The great part about this treatment, is almost anyone is a candidate. PRP is such a naturally occurring procedure utilizing your own bodies components, making it a safe treatment. However, some patients with bleeding or clotting disorders, or patients taking blood thinning medications will want to discuss bleeding or bruising risks with the provider prior to treatment.

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What is my downtime with PRP therapy?

Because PRP treatments are initiating a quicker healing response, we usually see patients have minimal downtime. Hair restoration patients, for example, can resume normal activity after treatments, and someone that was microneedled may have 2-3 days of “social” downtime.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of PRP treatments is dependent on the condition you are focusing on. For hair restoration, we encourage 6 treatments spaced 1 month apart for the best outcome. For the face, you can receive anywhere from 1-5 treatments depending on the area and severity of concern. Of course, a consult is the best way to determine how many treatments would help you reach your beauty goals.

How much is PRP?

PRP treatments range in cost due to the variability in treatments you may need. For example, one treatment may be $850, but a package of 6-including 6 months of serums and vitamins cost $3500, saving you hundreds of dollars. Again, consultation is key.

Is this treatment painful?

No. As the procedure is virtually pain free; anesthesia is not necessary. For those that may be more sensitive, we offer many options for comfort.

How long do PRP treatment results last?

Because PRP is initiating your own body to facilitate a response, it is highly variable in longevity of results. This is considered a “semi-permanent” treatment because you are still going through the aging process, meaning collagen, elastin and other aging processes continue to occur. However, PRP treatments greatly reduce the speed of aging as well as help improve areas of concern due to the aging process.

Will I need follow-up treatments?

Follow up treatments are not required. If you are someone who would like to continue to grow hair or thicken your current hair, 1 treatment every 6-12 months may be beneficial to you. For face procedures, follow ups are an as needed basis.

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Love this place! I have had the best Botox treatment ever administered by Denice and I’ve had microdermabrasion that was perfect for my sensitive skin. I’ve sent two of my friends there. I highly recommend PUR.

Nicole B.

Denice has been wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field of work. She was able to provide me with answers to my concerns. Overall it has been a wonderful experience for me as I knew that I was in good hands. I’m looking forward to my next visit.


Denice was highly recommended by a friend 10 years older than me. My friend looks beautiful while also natural and not like she’s “trying” to look younger. Denice listens to my priorities each time I see her and works very carefully to fulfill them. I consider Denice a tool in my beauty toolbox, like workouts and eating well. With her help, I feel more beautiful than ever!



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