Safe weight loss, like weight gain, occurs gradually and requires a commitment.

Pur Medical Weight Loss Program Has Options

6-week program / $785 program flat fee

  • If you desire to lose 10 pounds or less, enroll in our 6 week intensive 2 phase program.
  • Get nutritional guidance with individualized dietary support featuring real food.
  • Mobile APP for daily content, mindfulness and tracking.
  • Hundreds of healthy recipes featuring real food.
  • 30 minute coaching sessions available

3-month program / $475 per month for 3 months

  • This plan is designed for those who would like to lose 25 pounds or less. Let our medical providers guide you with a structured 3 phase program with individualized nutritional counseling and support.
  • Easy to follow guidebook with information that simplifies food choices without the need to count calories, points, or macronutrients.
  • Mobile APP for daily content, mindfulness and tracking.
  • Hundred of healthy recipes featuring real food.
  • Monthly 30 minute coaching session

6-month program / $445 per month for 6 months

  • This comprehensive program is designed for patients who want substantial weight loss, over 25 pounds, or who prefer to lose weight over an extended time frame.
  • All the benefits of the 3 month program: APP access, coaching sessions, provider visits, nutritional guidance and personalized dietary support featuring real food.
  • Patient’s may continue accessing all the bonus content and tracking features once they have completed the program.

What plan is right for me?

  • It depends on your weight loss goal. Generally, patients who desire a loss of around 20 pounds will enroll in our 3-month, 2 phase intense weight loss program.
  • Those with a goal weight loss of 25 pounds or more, or who want more gradual weight loss, should enroll in our 6-month program featuring 3 phases of weight loss.
  • Those with 10 or less stubborn pounds to shed may benefit from our abbreviated 6 week program.

Can I use my Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account for the Enrollment fee and appetite suppressants?

Usually. This is a medically supervised weight loss program and is prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider. Medications and/or supplements prescribed by a licensed health care may also qualify as medical expenses under some plans. Please contact your health insurer for more information. Pur Skin Clinic does not bill insurance directly, but can offer a superbill to aid with reimbursement.


Love this place! I have had the best Botox treatment ever administered by Denice and I’ve had microdermabrasion that was perfect for my sensitive skin. I’ve sent two of my friends there. I highly recommend PUR.

Nicole B.

Denice has been wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field of work. She was able to provide me with answers to my concerns. Overall it has been a wonderful experience for me as I knew that I was in good hands. I’m looking forward to my next visit.


Denice was highly recommended by a friend 10 years older than me. My friend looks beautiful while also natural and not like she’s “trying” to look younger. Denice listens to my priorities each time I see her and works very carefully to fulfill them. I consider Denice a tool in my beauty toolbox, like workouts and eating well. With her help, I feel more beautiful than ever!



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