Welcome, clients of the Medical Spa at
Gene Juarez!

We are working in partnership with the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez to ensure you have continuous access to the same high quality services you have come to rely on. 

We have two special offers just for you:

Enjoy 15% OFF your first treatment
State-of-the-art Medical Treatments:
Gene Juarez Medical Spa
PurSkin will honor services pre-paid for at the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez.

Our award-winning experts at PurSkin deliver exceptional results in a pristine, tranquil, medical-boutique setting… the kind of place where beauty and cosmetic dermatology go hand in hand. Through our special partnership with the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez, we will be honoring pre-paid treatments at our facility.

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Pur Skin Clinic is rated TOP 20 Clinics in the nation by Allergan for Botox Cosmetic and Dermal fillers!

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