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6 Essential Holiday Skin Care Tips

holiday skin care tips

During the holidays, traveling, increased stress, and seasonal food and drinks can wreak havoc on even the clearest skin. Maintain glowing skin and put your best face forward this holiday season – and all year around! – with these healthy skin care tips.

1. Prep your skin for optimal repair.

A good skincare routine is essential for a youthful, holiday glow. Increase your skin’s protective functions by regularly using a skincare product with a high concentration of stable growth factors. When used over the course of several weeks, products like SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex or iS Clinicals Youth Complex have been shown to help maintain firmness and elasticity in your skin.

2. Hydrate.

It’s easy for skin to get dehydrated while traveling, particularly if you are visiting a drier climate. To keep skin free of fine lines and blemishes, drink plenty of water and use a quality hydrator or barrier cream regularly for a few weeks before travel. Consider an antioxidant packed product such as Reparative Moisture Emulsion or HA 5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, which provide skin with immediate and continuous hydration, while also supporting the skin’s own natural ability to replenish hyaluronic acid.

3. Stick with your routine and use your own skincare products.

Although it may be convenient to use the hotel soap and shampoo, these beauty products are often made with cheap ingredients that can irritate and dry out your skin. Since travel and stress make your skin more sensitive too, avoid starting new products as well as getting new or irritating facial treatments right before an event.

4. Keep sugar, fried foods and alcohol to a minimum.

Avoid holiday breakouts and bloating by keeping sugar, fried foods, and alcohol to a minimum. Sugar face is a real thing, and that holiday cookie can lead to blemishes. Also, if you’re prone to flushing, think twice about those holiday cocktails, which can leave you red faced. Instead, drink a club soda with citrus, and seek out foods rich in omega 3’s such as salmon, walnuts, and flax seeds.

Boost your antioxidant intake by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, too. To decrease the risk of disglycemia (blood sugar dips and spikes), be sure to pack some healthy snacks in your bag to avoid getting “Hangry” as well as decreasing the risk of blood sugar related illness.

5. Practice good self-care.

The holidays are a stressful time. Numerous studies have demonstrated the negative side effects of stress on skin health, as well as overall health. As such, it’s important to take time to recharge and replenish with self care practices, including skin care. Book a massage, go to a fitness class, spend time in nature, or take a relaxing bubble bath. The importance of managing and reducing stress cannot be underemphasized for beautiful, youthful skin and overall well-being.

6. Get your beauty sleep.

The restorative powers of sleep are essential not only to a bright and clear complexion, but also for a healthy brain. To keep your body replenished and regenerated, try to maintain your bedtime routine while traveling or staying with family.

Changing time zones? Get your circadian rhythm back on track by getting natural light during the day, and minimizing exposure to unnatural light sources in the evening like blue light, bright lamps, computer, TV and cell phone screens. Also, if your hotel or bedroom isn’t light tight, invest in a quality eye-mask to boost melatonin levels. Melatonin functions not only to promote healthy sleep, but also as an antioxidant, anti-aging molecule and a chemotoxicity reducing agent.

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