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Get a Clearer Complexion with the Clear Skin Acne Facial

Published on November 6, 2018

Acne is the bane of many people’s existences. It is an unwanted blemish that can look and feel unattractive. A Clear Skin Acne Facial is the answer to those embarrassing acne problems. What Causes Acne? While there isn’t a single cause for acne, there are many common themes. Let’s look at some of them: • […]

Wow, that’s spooky! Dealing with the creepy, crawly….Spider Veins

Published on October 16, 2018

Most people have a healthy fear of spiders, but when they are appearing on your legs as spider veins most people want to scream! Now that’s a true phobia- yikes! Luckily, there is a treatment to help “exterminate” these creepy crawlers on our legs. Let’s take a closer look…. Spider veins can start appearing at […]

Treat Yourself to Laser Hair Reduction

Published on October 4, 2018

Men and women spend a lot amount of time grooming themselves. It is important to look good, but it takes a lot of work. Apart from the skin, people spend a lot of time on their hair, and not just the hair on their heads. As humans, we can have a lot of body hair […]

Botox Clears Away Those Frustrating Little Age Lines

Published on September 28, 2018

Noticing the appearance of a wrinkle is disheartening. A wrinkle is a reminder of time slipping by – and taking your beautiful youthful appearance with it. Wrinkles are often very prominent along the forehead and at the corners of the eyes. Many strongly feel that apart from showing signs of aging, wrinkles make the face […]

Motherhood & Aging…Back To School & Back To Your Beauty!

Published on September 4, 2018

An older lady with wisdom once told me that while priceless, motherhood ages women faster compared to women who are not mothers. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s take a closer look into the life of a mother. As summer ends and precious memories from the long days are cherished for years to come, mothers everywhere are […]

Loose Skin Can Be Tightened with Thermage Body

Published on August 8, 2018

Our body changes in many ways throughout our lives, and most of these changes are dependent on the kind of lifestyle we lead. Sudden weight gain or loss, hormonal changes, stress, and age can lead to loose and sagging skin. This can affect a person’s general appearance and confidence. There are quite a few cosmetic […]

Consider a Soothing Fire & Ice Facial

Published on July 6, 2018

Do you want to have flawless skin like your favorite celebrities? Do you want people to ask you about how you keep your skin so radiant and beautiful? Everyone wants their skin to look attractive and youthful forever, and this is what led people to go for the Fire & Ice Facial, an effective revitalizing […]

Skin Care Survival Guide for Summer

Published on July 5, 2018

5 Easy tips to keep your skin healthy and bright all summer long: 1) Use Sunblocks ALWAYS! Choosing sun protection can be an overwhelming task. Look for sun protection that is a true sun-BLOCK (also referred to as physical protection). True sunblocks contain Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide; ingredients that are found in most medical […]

Our Chemical Peels Can Refresh Your Skin

Published on May 18, 2018

Chemical peels can effectively provide relief from various skin problems on the face, neck, chest, and even hands. It involves the use of a chemical solution to cause damaged skin cells to gradually peel away in a controlled manner. This gives way to youthful new skin without blemishes or other aesthetic issues. There are different […]

Now This Is Cool

Published on May 8, 2018

So you’ve got stubborn bulges and an intense dislike of needles, knives, and fat-suctioning tubes. No problem…because the latest FDA-approved treatment to slim down those unwanted fat pockets is called CoolSculpting, and there’s not so much as a pinprick in sight. This radical, FDA-approved treatment uses controlled cooling to zero in on areas of diet-and-exercise-resistant […]

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