Medical Dermatology at Pur

Here at Pur Skin Clinic… it is our goal to restore your skin to optimal health, through traditional medical, aesthetic, integrative or functional medicine.

Whether you have questions about an irregular mole, are struggling with persistent acne, or you’d like to smooth and soften the tone and texture of your skin, the providers at Pur Skin Clinic can help. The well-educated staff will support you through your entire experience, from easy scheduling to consistent follow up. Ensuring a positive experience for every patient who walks in the door is our top priority.

The Pur Skin Clinic team are experts in the treatment of the skin, hair, and nails, including skin cancer screening and mole removal. Procedures are done in the office under local anesthesia. During your initial dermatology exam, you will be offered a co‍‍‍mplete skin evaluation to check for signs of skin cancer; as well as addressing additional dermatological concerns such as rashes, acne, skin growths, psoriasis, hair loss, eczema, fungal infections, etc.

Your Pur Skin provider will formulate a personalized treatment plan-determining that may include prescriptions for medications, cosmeceuticals, nutrition advice, supplementation, lifestyle/stress modification, procedures and more.

Conditions Treated:

Acne: Chronic acne can seem like a never-ending cycle — just as one breakout clears up, a new one appears. Left untreated, acne can cause permanent an uneven skin tone and scarring- one of the most common skin problems. Treating acne as early as possible can help lower the risk of lasting skin damage.
Stress, hormonal fluctuations, diet and genetics play a role in acne, but luckily there are a variety of effective acne treatment options. Combining personalized skin care products with in-office treatments, like customized chemical peels and/or laser treatments, can help eliminate breakouts while also improving the texture of your skin. Oral and topical medications are often prescribed for persistent cases.

Skin Cancer Screening: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. More than one million Americans are diagnosed each year, and one in five people will develop the disease at some point in their lives. Types of skin cancer include basal cell carcinoma, squamous c‍‍‍ell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma. Luckily skin cancer is very treatable when diagnosed early.

What are the Signs of Skin Cancer?:

Skin cancer may be in a changing or unusual-looking mole, a dome-shaped growth, scaly patch, or non-healing sore. If you notice a spot on your skin that appears unusual, has changed, itches, or bleeds- make an appointment for evaluation.

The ABCDEs of Atypical Moles are:

  • Asymmetry: one half does not match the other
  • Border: irregular, scalloped, or poorly defined border
  • Color: varied color, including shades of tan, brown, black, white, red, or blue, within a single mole, spot, or lesion
  • Diameter: melanomas tend to be larger than 6 mm- the size of a pencil eraser
  • Evolution: a mole or lesion that has changed in size, color, or shape

Laser Therapy for Scar Treatment

Laser skin treatments are an effective way to diminish or erase traumatic and acne scars. This state-of-the-art technology works by delivering precision light beams deep into the dermis of your skin, where they cause miniscule perforations in the scar, triggering your body’s healing response, which stimulates collagen growth and helps tighten underlying tissues resulting in clearer, smoother skin and a more even complexion.

Laser treatments for scars promote healthier skin with few potential side effects. If needed, injections of intralesional steroid may also be used to address elevated scars.

Rash, Skin and Nail Treat‍‍‍ments

Whether you suffer from rashes, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, cysts, warts or ‍‍‍any other problem involving skin, hair or nails the experts at Pur Skin Clinic can help. Make an appointment today to start the journey for clear and healthy skin.

Integrative and Functional Dermatology at Pur

It is becoming increasingly clear that Integrative and Functional medicine is just as important for our skin as it is for our overall health.

Integrative Dermatology evaluates patients from the outside in - to address not only skin symptoms, but the whole person. Integrative dermatology recognizes the need to treat the patient holistically and combines the best practices from conventional western medicine with complementary and alternative medicine.

Functional Medicine incorporates all the principles of integrative medicine, then goes a step further and seeks to uncover the root cause of illness using a systems approach- diving deep into a patient’s history and biochemistry to determine why someone is ill.

Both Integrative and Functional Medicine treat the individual and not the disease. This treatment includes personalized treatment plans that may include prescriptions for medications, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle modification, stress reduction and procedures. This comprehensive approach ensures the highest chance for therapeutic success and allows patients to reach their optimum level of health.

While every dermatology patient could benefit from an integrative approach, as the evidence of stress, sleep deprivation, and chronic disease are often evident on our skin- manifesting as acne or an eczema flare. However, patients with chronic illness or hard to treat issues may benefit from a more in-depth Functional Medicine Approach.

As the largest and most visible organ of the human body, the skin is a window to our inner health displaying our wellness and vitality for all to see. Here at Pur Skin Clinic, it is our goal to restore your skin to optimal health, whether through traditional medical, aesthetic, integrative or functional medicine.


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