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Clearing The Way To Better Skin

Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment in Edmonds, WA

Laser treatments are renowned for their effectiveness in treating virtually any cosmetic skin-related concern. However, depending on the treatment, laser-based skin rejuvenation often involves a relatively lengthy downtime. Clear + Brilliant offers a middle-of-the-road solution to concerns related to your complexion, far exceeding at-home skincare but without significant downtime. The award-winning medical providers at Pūr Skin Clinic strive to deliver the best Clear + Brilliant Edmonds has to offer. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to laser-based treatments. Therefore, we take an individualized approach to skin health and make a conscious effort to ensure that no patient is over-treated for their concerns. That’s why we are so excited to offer a moderate laser skin resurfacing with Clear + Brilliant, so we can refine the true you!

Edmonds clear and brilliant laser model with brown hair

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Laser, But Easier

When you want to keep the radiant glow of youthful skin, look no further than Clear + Brilliant, our most gentle laser treatment… Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser treatment that helps prevent the visible signs of aging and the overall dulling effects time and the environment can have on your skin. It is designed for all skin types, colors, and ages, even those in their 20’s. A series of 30 minute Clear + Brilliant sessions can leave your skin feeling smoother, younger and give you that “radiant glow” that comes from healthy, youthful skin. Clear + Brilliant is simple yet effective with minimal downtime. It’s one of the gentlest resurfacing lasers available and will get your skin looking clear and brilliant! As with all treatments, individual results may vary.

Clear + Brilliant Conditions Treated

What are the benefits of Clear + Brilliant treatments?

The Clear + Brilliant uses proven fractionated laser technology that creates tiny channels in the skin to create a collagen response in the skin to help fight various signs of aging.

The Clear + Brilliant laser addresses:

  • Skin texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Elasticity
  • Refines Pores
  • Brightens skin

Clear + Brilliant helps you recover the glow of healthier looking skin with the benefits of:

  • Comfortable, fast, effective, and affordable
  • Prevent early signs of aging and maintain younger-looking skin
  • Minimal downtime
  • Safe for all skin types!
Edmonds clear and brilliant laser model with brown hair

Am I a Good Candidate for Clear + Brilliant?

A Proactive Approach to the Signs of Aging

Skin-related concerns like acne, textural problems, hyperpigmentation, and skin laxity can significantly impact your confidence and self-esteem. While clearer, smoother, brighter skin is a reward in and of itself, the greatest benefit of Clear + Brilliant is the boost in confidence our patients experience once they realize their results. The team at Pūr Skin Clinic wants you to feel empowered to take on each day, putting your best face forward.

Additional Reading

Clear + Brilliant is a gentler laser treatment, offering a middle ground between less effective non-laser treatments and other, more involved laser-based procedures. While it is an excellent option for patients who have already noticed signs of aging in their face, it is also an ideal treatment for patients who would like to prevent or delay signs of aging from appearing. Clear + Brilliant is a favorite treatment among patients of all ages, skin types, skin tones, and budgets. This universally loved and beneficial treatment offers a moderate option for anyone seeking something a step above at-home treatments without the recovery of more aggressive modalities.

The Clear + Brilliant Procedure

What is a Clear + Brilliant treatment like?

Clear + Brilliant is a quick and simple treatment. We will first prepare skin with a deep cleanse and apply numbing cream for your comfort. Once you’re ready for treatment, our provider will roll the handheld laser device over your skin. You will feel a slight warm sensation from the device, but it shouldn’t be painful. After about 15 minutes, your face is cooled with a refreshing mask. For our Edmonds Clear + Brilliant patients, the entire treatment takes about 30 minutes, making it perfect for those on-the-go and working professionals.

Clear + Brilliant Recovery

Is there any downtime associated with this treatment?

This laser has minimal downtime. Typically, you can expect 1-2 days of redness and minor puffiness. After the redness fades, the skin will feel a bit like sandpaper. Our Edmonds Clear + Brilliant patients can work and do normal activities during this time; however, care must be taken when in the sun by applying a medical grade sunscreen often. By about day five, the skin looks bright, healthy, and rejuvenated. Collagen will continue to stimulate a few weeks after treatment continuing to improve results.

Clear + Brilliant Results

What results can I expect?

After completing your treatment sessions, you should notice an improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or scars, diminished age spots, and a more even skin tone. Over time, the increase in natural collagen production will help your skin look firmer and more youthful as well. Multiple treatments result in longer-lasting results. Clear + Brilliant laser treatments can be used along with a patient’s medical-grade skincare routine for maximum results.

Edmonds clear and brilliant laser model with brow hair

Schedule Your Clear + Brilliant Consultation With Pūr Skin Clinic Today

Revive Your Skin’s Radiant Appearance with Clear + Brilliant in Edmonds

If you are interested in seeing how Clear + Brilliant can improve your skin and enhance your life, please contact Pūr Skin Clinic to schedule your consultation with one of our providers.

Clear + BrilliantFrequently Asked Questions

The number of Clear + Brilliant treatments is tailored to your concerns and skincare desires. Most patients report visible improvements after four to six treatments.

After one treatment, you will begin to notice your results in about one to two weeks. Depending on how you care for your skin, your results may last for months. You can maintain and maximize your results with ongoing treatment and a healthy lifestyle.

Clear + Brilliant penetrates deeper into your skin, delivering more substantial results than microneedling. However, some patients with sensitive, thin, or delicate skin may be better suited for microneedling. If you are unsure about which treatment is right for you, the skilled providers at Pūr Skin Clinic can help determine your optimal treatment plan.

“Denice has been wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field of work. She was able to provide me with answers to my concerns. Overall it has been a wonderful experience for me as I knew that I was in good hands. I’m looking forward to my next visit.”


“Love this place! I have had the best Botox treatment ever administered by Denice and I’ve had microdermabrasion that was perfect for my sensitive skin. I’ve sent two of my friends there. I highly recommend PUR.”

Nicole B.

“Denice was highly recommended by a friend 10 years older than me. My friend looks beautiful while also natural and not like she’s “trying” to look younger. Denice listens to my priorities each time I see her and works very carefully to fulfill them. I consider Denice a tool in my beauty toolbox, like workouts and eating well. With her help, I feel more beautiful than ever!”


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