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PUR SKIN gives back…

PUR SKIN in partnership with Gourmondo Co, and the support of 17  top women business leaders will provide over 1,000 meals to more than 100 at-risk youth over the next two weeks.

“Our mission at Pur Skin is focused around giving back to our local community and we wanted to partner with a company that is providing meals for children in need, during this uncertain time.”  Schwind shared.

Why Pur Skin Supports YouthCare

YouthCare is a local non-profit working to end youth homelessness.  YouthCare offers support in a variety of ways from providing weekly dinners to offering on-the-job training and employment opportunities. Understanding this type of support was in greater need during Washington State’s shelter in place order, Gourmonda founder, Leinonen reached out to her friend and fellow entrepreneur, Denice Schwind at Pur Skin. 

Together they tapped into their circle of Seattle’s top women entrepreneurs to rally together and assist youth being cared for “around the clock” in 11 YouthCare locations across Seattle, WA. Within an hour, a number of their colleagues generously jumped in to help provide healthy, gourmet meals as well as personalized notes expressing hope and encouragement. The meals include an entree, side dish, snack, and dessert.

“It’s amazing what YouthCare is doing to lift these kids up from the streets – and provide them the education and job training they desperately need to enter into the workforce and have promising futures.” “I have had the privilege of watching first-hand how some of these youth have grown and found success, and am proud to work with them,”  said Leinonen.


To date, the list of women business leaders includes:

  1. Gourmondo Co., Alissa Leinonen
  2. Pur Skin Clinic, Denice Schwind
  3. Fuel Talent, Shauna Swerland
  4. Barre3 Capitol Hill & Roosevelt, Mary Lytle
  5. Laree Boutique & Gin and the Banker, Rachael Nov
  6. TomBoyX, Fran Dunaway
  7. DRY Soda, Sharelle Klaus
  8. MOD Pizza, Ally Svenson
  9. Seattle Chocolate, Jean Thompson
  10. ParentMap, Alayne Sulkin
  11. Dunn & Hobbes, Liz Dunn
  12. Filter Digital, Kristin Knight
  13. BooginHead, Sari Davidson
  14. Fresh Chalk, Liz Pearce
  15. Armoire Style, Ambika Singh
  16. Doctor Rogers/Modern Dermatology, Heather Rogers
  17. Jody Hall, Cupcake Royale
  18. Goodbye Crop Top, Wendy Euler

For those interested in donating meals as part of this program, please email [email protected] or click this link to provide a monetary donation directly to YouthCare.

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