Most people have a healthy fear of spiders, but when they are appearing on your legs as spider veins most people want to scream! Now that’s a true phobia- yikes! Luckily, there is a treatment to help “exterminate” these creepy crawlers on our legs.

Let’s take a closer look at spider veins….

Spider veins can start appearing at any age, but usually begin to appear as part of the aging process. Genetics and individual behavior are important factors in developing spider veins. Feel free to thank your grandma for these beauties, since up to 40% of cases are due to inheritance. Pregnancy, prolonged standing or walking also are predispositions to developing spider veins. Basically, spider veins appear after a weakening in the valves of a vein, which allows blood to pool in the veins and become visible on the surface of the skin.  The network of the veins and capillaries creates a webbed appearance which is why we call these spider veins!

Sclerotherapy to exterminate those spider veins …

Thankfully, a treatment called Sclerotherapy can aid in diminishing these pesky spider veins. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that involves very superficial injections of a solution into these tiny veins and causes them to collapse. The damaged veins are then naturally absorbed by the body causing them to disappear. Sclerotherapy offers amazing results and is a popular treatment since it takes very little time to perform and the recovery period is also very brief.

So this Halloween season, get rid of your creepy spider veins! Poof…be gone!

By: Traci Walters, PA-C

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