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Treat Yourself to Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

Men and women spend a lot amount of time grooming themselves. It is important to look good, but it takes a lot of work. Apart from the skin, people spend a lot of time on their hair, and not just the hair on their heads. As humans, we can have a lot of body hair […]

Winter is Laser Treatment Season!

The frigid winter months have arrived to the Pacific Northwest and there is no better time to complete your laser treatments! Most lasers require you to abstain from sun exposure for some time before and after your treatment, so during these gloomy months it is the perfect time for you keep up with your laser […]

Laser Hair Removal Video

Avoiding a “Hairy” Situation

If you are like many people, hair removal is part of your regular grooming regimen. You likely have tried several methods and may even be thinking about permanent solutions. There are many hair removal options. Here are the pros and cons of different methods to make your skin smooth and free of stubble! Waxing Waxing […]

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