Beauty by the Decade

What your complexion needs at 20 is a whole lot different than what it needs at 40…or 50…or 60. Which is why we like to say, “The age you start is the age you stay.” It’s never too soon–or too late–to invest in treatments designed to keep you beautiful through the decades. Let us customize a plan that’s perfectly tailored to you.

Consulting with a medical provider at Pūr Skin Clinic is the best way to find out which treatment and products would be best for your personal skincare needs.


The skin is at its prime in your 20s. It is abundant with collagen production and a lots of elastin, making it firm, plump, and lifted. What should be on the forefront of your mind when you are in your 20s is prevention—good skin care habits now mean better and more youthful skin in the future. You can keep your 20-something glow well into your 30’s and 40’s if you start getting serious about your skin now!

Here are some of the treatments you may want to consider during your 20s:


Thirty is typically the age when women begin to think about anti-aging treatments and products. The natural aging process usually begins at this time. The production of collagen starts to decline, leading to thinner skin. This is the time when most men and women begin to notice a fine line starting to set in or dark spots on sun exposed areas. Getting a jump on treating these concerns now is key to long term healthy, beautiful skin. During this time, you may also begin to notice stubborn pockets of fat that seem to accumulate easier than they did years before.

Here are some of the treatments you may want to consider during your 30s:


During your 40s, many men and women begin to notice more prominent changes in their skin texture and tone. Around this time, fine lines may deepen into full-fledged wrinkles, and dark spots and hyper-pigmentation can appear. The collagen and elastin fibers break and lose their elasticity. This results in wrinkles, aging lines, and the start of saggy skin. Also, hormonal changes are common during this period and can create noticeable changes in the skin due to a decline in estrogen. A great skincare regimen in the clinic and at home can slow down these changes maintaining your youthful appearance.

Here are some of the treatments you may want to consider during your 40s:


At around age 50, collagen levels decrease and the face and neck start to show signs of laxity. Loss of tone and sagging skin are typically your biggest issues during your 50s. Additionally, oil production in the skin diminishes creating wrinkled and more dehydrated skin. An uneven skin tone, increase in dryness, and redness can become areas to improve upon. Putting your health first and taking care of yourself inside and outside should be your priority.

Here are some of the treatments you may want to consider during your 50s:


One of the biggest complaints we hear about aging is that patients want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. Turning 60 can be life-altering moment, especially if you look in the mirror and notice that suddenly you don’t have that same youthful and rested appearance you had in earlier years. The face begins to sag overall; jowls can appear with the falling of the jawline and cheeks, making you appear tired. The natural loss of volume that began in the 40s continues, leading to sunken cheeks, thinner lips, hallowed under eyes, and pronounced lines around the mouth and eyes. However, in the right hands, these concerns can be minimized to restore a natural, more youthful appearance. This is a time to aim for treatment that will rejuvenate your skin – in an essence, turning back the hands of time.

Here are some of the treatments you may want to consider during your 60s:

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