Meet Chante Fiamango, Master Esthetician

Chanté Fiamengo

Want to reshape your body, resurface your complexion, or refresh your skincare regimen? This master esthetician, a graduate of Evergreen Beauty College, is our resident treatment queen, and actually holds the title of being one of Washington State’s top UltraShape Body Contouring specialists. With over ten years of experience in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, Chante’ keeps up with the ins and outs of trends, and is all about providing cutting-edge services uniquely tailored to each of her patients. From custom facials to medical-grade peels and laser treatments, Chanté is your go-to gal.

Why skin’s your thing: It’s the number-one feature people notice. Plus, it’s with you for the rest of your life. You want to take care of it in the best way possible!

Proudest career moment: Graduating from Esthetics school in my mid-thirties. I finally have a career that I’m passionate about and I truly love what I do.

When I’m not at Pūr: I’m doing the Mom/Wifey thing, catching up on my DVR recordings, and getting outdoors when weather permits (I loathe the cold.) Plus, I love going to concerts and visiting farmer’s markets!

On my nightstand: SO MUCH STUFF! My diffuser, my Himalayan salt lamp, a stack of books and Rolling Stone magazines, my alarm clock, and always–always–a bottle of Kangan water.

Can’t leave home without: Sunscreen. Always.

Guilty pleasure: Jalapeno Kettle Chips.

I’ll cry if I’m out of: White Lightening Complex from iS clinical. It brightens my skin and helps control my melasma.

Best thing to happen to the skincare business: Lasers!

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